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Fee Structure

Cost ControlPrior to beginning any chargeable work, representatives of the APEX team will meet with you to discuss project goals, resource availability, budget, and timeline. As a next step, we will submit a contract for review and execution which will include project approach, budget, schedule, and fee.

The APEX fee may be structured one of three ways:

1. Flat project fee (Number of hours are estimated and services are specified by contract. Fee equals the projected number of hours times hourly rate for services selected. Any services not specifically outlined in the flat project fee contract are billed as additional hours at the established hourly rate.)

2. Pre-approved fee range (Executed contract will outline services to be provide at an hourly rate with an established minimum fee and not to exceed cap.)

3. Monthly retainer (Services to be provided on an on-going basis are outlined in a contract and billed as a monthly retainer at a rate corresponding to the number of estimated hours required to deliver specified services.)

We will keep you apprised of our progress including percentage of work completed. Most projects are subject to a deposit or progress billing with the remainder of the fee payable upon completion. External expenses such as printing, advertising buys, equipment, etc. will be direct billed to the client, pre-paid by the client, or submitted for client reimbursement with receipt.

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