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APEX Shines at Matching Community Partners for Win-Win Outcomes

Community PartnershipTwo heads are better than one. Non-profit and for profit partnerships are often win-win propositions. An effective partnership helps build momentum for funding and brand awareness for both partners. The key is for businesses and non-profits to find the right partner match.

APEX is an experienced match-maker. Our team knows the region and how to help you make the right pitch to the right partner.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look for partners with interests and goals that are similar to those held by your organization for a natural alignment that capitalizes on the intersection of common core values.
  2. Be on the lookout for new leadership or growth within a business or a non-profit that may create an opportunity for partnership.
  3. Take advantage of networking opportunities to explore and cultivate potential partners.
  4. Know your own brand and ensure that your marketing materials, communications, on-line presence and other tools consistently reflect a cohesive picture of your business or non-profit.
  5. Have demonstrable evidence of your success (success stories, statistics, testimonials, etc.) that will communicate to a potential partner that you are a proven organization with something to contribute.
  6. Have a plan in hand that communicates what you want from the partnership and how it will directly benefit your partner. For example, volunteer projects that pull your partner’s staff together to work toward a common goal could benefit both parties.
  7. If you are asking for sponsorship dollars from your partner, be ready to detail how the opportunity boosts the company’s community visibility, increases brand awareness and helps boost your partner’s reputation relating to community involvement.
  8. Remember that dollars aren’t the only way for businesses to sponsor non-profits. There may be opportunities to exchange services, connect you to other partners via shared business relationships, share facilities or equipment, join forces in creating engaging events, or pool staff resources.
  9. There is an old saying that that reminds us “If you don’t know where you are going, you probably won’t get there.” Know what you want to accomplish through partnership and spell out expectations of both parties clearly.
  10. Have a vision and a tangible goal that will engage, inspire and excite your partner. Partnerships are based on relationships. Take time to know your community partner and to celebrate your collective successes.

APEX excels at connecting consumers, companies and communities in Northwest Louisiana. Call us today for assistance in maximizing your organization’s or business’s community partnership opportunities.

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